The Only way is SO14
Saints fc

The Only Way is SO14 is the new Saints fanzine, for the fans, by the fans. We’ll be making an appearance every month of the football season. The first edition is out now. So why not give it a try?

The mission is to create a fanzine for the supporters of Southampton Football Club to be proud of. We plan to provide opinion, journalistic articles, balanced views and a light hearted look on all things SFC. We also want every supporter to feel they can they can have a say and a respected opinion. We also believe it's important to give aspiring journalists or anyone who wants to give writing a crack to have their articles published.

Ok, so we're not going to be the perfect production, but we hope that for a bunch of amateurs we’re not too bad! We’ve already had great reviews from some people who have got their hands on a copy.

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